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  1. Where are the apprenticeships located?

    Missouri Apprentice Connect lists apprenticeship opportunities throughout the state of Missouri. The website allows you to search for apprenticeships by county or region. While some companies may have out of state locations, only Missouri apprenticeships will be approved for posting on Missouri Apprentice Connect.

  2. Does the Missouri Minimum Wage apply to apprenticeships?

    Yes. The minimum wage for for all private, non exempt businesses in 2023 is $12.00/hour.  Missouri Minimum Wage law does not apply to public employers, nor does it allow the state's minimum wage rate to be lower than the federal minimum wage rate. For more information click here.

  3. The Registered Apprenticeship(s) we offer don't have a definite start and end date. We recruit continously. How I do add that?

    If your organization continuously recruits apprentices, you can the check the box in front of "Continuously Recruits" (below Available Apprenticeship Openings).  The date options will disappear and your opening will continue to be listed on Missouri Apprentice Connect until you make it inactive or delete it. 

    NOTE:  Make sure you update the starting wage and description as you update the openings through out the years you offer the Registered Apprenticeship. 

  4. I am a user on more than one organization. How do I switch between organizations?

    SWITCH ACCOUNTS on the top of the user screen between WORKSPACE and EDIT ACCOUNT will allow a user to toggle between more than one organization. Click on SWITCH ACCOUNTS.  A list of organizations will appear.  The user can click on the organization they want to switch to.

  5. Can I be a user on multiple organizations?

    A user can be a user on more than one organization.  You must first register the organization on Missouri Apprentice Connect.  The managing user from the organization must add registered users to their organization.

    Steps for adding someone already registered in Missouri Apprentice Connect to your organization’s user list:

    1. Login to your organization on >Missouri Apprentice Connect.
    2. The login will take you to your organization’s workspace.In the tan box on the right side, click on Manage User Access.
    3. Look for the green ADD A USER button under the user list and above the SAVE button. Click on it.
    4. Start typing the email address of the user you want to add to your organization.If the user is in Missouri Apprentice Connect, their email address should auto fill as you type it.  Choose the email of the person you want to add to your organization. The other boxes will disappear.  Click on the ADD USER button. The user will receive an auto email that their user account has been confirmed.

  6. Where can the apprenticeships be located?

    Missouri Apprentice Connect lists apprenticeship opportunities throughout the state of Missouri. The website allows potential apprentices to search for apprenticeships by preferred county. While some companies may have out of state locations, only Missouri apprenticeships will be approved for posting on Missouri Apprentice Connect.

    If your organization has multiple locations in Missouri hosting apprenticeships, use the "Location tab" in the organization profile to create all the locations for your apprenticeship programs. Each of these locations will appear on the map when added to apprenticeship openings. 

  7. I continuously recruit apprentices. Why are the date fields required?

    Currently, you have to setup an application, start on or around and end on or around dates for apprenticeship openings.  The website is a work in process.  We are open to suggestions for changing how the site operates.

    How to enter apprenticeship openings for continous recruiting for now:

    1. Post your apprenticeship application deadline and start dates for the end of the month.  Project out the end date for the length of your program. 
    2. Make sure it is clear in the description box that you are continously recruiting and the dates are only suggestions. 
    3. At the end of the month update the dates on the current listing to the last day of the next month or copy the current listing and update the dates for the last day of the next month. 


    Directions for copying the current listing:

    If you would like to re-post the same apprenticeship at a later date, click the two pieces of paper located to the right of the apprenticeship's title in your Workspace. Modify any of the apprenticeship's details, and make sure to update the application deadline, start, and end dates, add the skills you want the candidate to have and click SAVE.

    If you use an old description and just change the dates, your apprenticeship posting will not automatically post to the Missouri Apprentice Connect Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

  8. Who can I talk to about funding an apprenticeship?

    The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) advances the use of apprenticeship as an effective work-based learning approach that builds worker skills and establishes pathways to higher levels of employment and wages. WIOA funds can be used in a variety of ways to help job seekers and workers prepare for, enter, and complete apprenticeship programs.

    WIOA programs can support the on-the-job training component of apprenticeship programs. WIOA funds can also pay for the cost of related classroom instruction for the apprentice, including tuition, books, supplies, fees, uniforms, tools and other required items. Customized training and incumbent worker training are other ways that WIOA funds can support businesses that sponsor apprenticeship programs.

    To get more information about funding an apprenticeship contact the Missouri Job Center nearest you. 

  9. How do I find my RAPIDS Program Number?

    If you do not know your RAPIDS Program Number, contact your U.S. Department of Labor Representative or contact Apprenticeship Missouri at

  10. I keep getting an error message. What do I need to do?

    If you are logged in and see an error message that says "You must be logged in as an approved organization to view this page," there is an issue with your browser's cookies. Simply clear your cookies, close your web browser and try logging back in. Here is a helpful website with steps to clear cookies.

    If you continue having issues, please email

  11. What is Missouri Apprentice Connect' s confidentiality policy?

    Information submitted to Missouri Apprentices Connect will be used for the purpose of connecting employers, sponsors and training providers to potential apprentices. View our Privacy Policy.

  12. What if I want to post an apprenticeship for my organization?

    You can easily post an apprenticeship and search for apprentices for your organization. For more information and step-by-step instructions, see Employer FAQs.

  13. How is a match made?

    Organizations seeking an apprentice can search for matches by utilizing any combination or all of the following fields: keyword, apprentice type, and county preference. The organization can execute a search and then contact the apprentice via email, phone or our internal messaging system.

    Apprentices can search for apprenticeships using advanced search features too. The apprentice can apply to the apprenticeship directly through Missouri Apprentice Connect. Or, the organization posting the apprenticeship can setup the process so it takes the candidate directly to the organizatoin's website to apply.

  14. How do I register for a free Missouri Apprentice Connect account?

    On the home page, click "Login/Register" in the top section of your screen. You will be required to select an account type, and should select "Other."

    In order to ensure your organization is not already registered, the system will request you enter your organization's name. Slowly type the name of your organization in the text box, and a list will populate below. If you see your organization in the dropdown list, that means there is an existing account. Click on your organization's name. Some of the registration fields will disappear because Missouri Apprentice Connect already has your organization's information on the site. A registered user from your organization will be notified of your request and will review your information to confirm your account.

    If the system does not find your organization registered with Missouri Apprentice Connect, simply complete the registration form. Your registration will be sent to Missouri Apprentice Connect to review and approve. Once a staff member approves your account, you will be able to post apprenticeships, search for apprentices and assist your apprentices.

    If you have not gained full access to the site in 48 hours, please contact us at

  15. Can apprentices receive credentials or credit for their apprenticeships?

    Every Registered Apprenticeship graduate receives a nationally recognized credential for mastering required skills and demonstrating required knowledge to be fully proficient in the specific Registered Apprenticeship occupation.

    Training providers or postsecondary institution partners can award college credit and industry–recognized certifications for registered apprenticeship program experience.

  16. Are apprenticeships paid?

    All apprenticeships listed on Missouri Apprentice Connect must be Registered Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships registered with the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship are paid positions and receive an increase in pay as their skills and knowledge increase.

    Pre-apprenticeship opportunities are offered around the state.  A pre-apprenticeship can help prepare an apprentice for a full-time Registered Apprenticeship.  Typically, a pre-apprenticeship is not paid.  Visit the Missouri Job Center nearest you or contact for more information.

  17. How does Missouri Apprentice Connect ensure quality apprenticeship opportunities?

    Missouri Apprentice Connect staff members review all new organization registrations in order to ensure that it is a legitimate organization with the potential to offer apprenticeship experiences within the state of Missouri.

    As with any job or apprenticeship opportunity, apprentice candidates are encouraged to thoroughly investigate the organization and to ask questions to ensure that the apprenticeship for which they are applying is a good fit. It is also recommended that apprentices have a good knowledge of their apprenticeship requirements and the experience they desire prior to accepting an apprenticeship offer to ensure they accept the opportunity most in line with their career goals.

  18. A potential apprentice says he/she is on the website, but I cannot find him/her.

    After six months of inactivity, apprentice accounts become inactive making it impossible for them to be visible on the site. Apprentices may reactivate their account simply by logging in. If you need more assistance, contact us at and provide us with the apprentice's name. We will work to resolve the issue.

  19. How much does it cost to use Missouri Apprentice Connect?

    All of Missouri Apprentice Connect services are free for everyone. Potential apprentices can search and apply to an unlimited number of apprenticeships at no cost.

    Employers, sponsors and training providers may post an unlimited number of apprenticeship opportunities and have access to our apprenticeship candidate database for free. Additionally, training providers and sponsors have access to the site's apprentice reporting feature.

  20. Can I change my organization's information?

    Yes. You can change your organization's information at any time. Edit your profile by clicking "Manage the Organization Profile" located in the tan box on the right side of your Workspace.

  21. I lost my password. How may I retrieve it?

    On the home page, click "Login/Register" in the upper section of your screen. Underneath the "LOG IN" button, click "Forgot Password?" and enter your email or username. You will be sent an email with instructions to change your password.

  22. How do I change my password?

    Sign in to your account. Click "EDIT ACCOUNT" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Select "Change Password" underneath the "UPDATE ACCOUNT" button.

  23. How can I help potential apprentices?

    If a potential apprentice is interested in registering with Missouri Apprentice Connect, they can review common FAQs.

  24. How can Missouri Apprentice Connect help training providers?

    Missouri Apprentice Connect provides access to best practice information on apprenticeships.

    Missouri Apprentice Connect also provides training providers with free reporting features that allow them to easily access the number of their apprentices using the site and obtaining apprenticeships.

  25. How does the system work?

    Missouri Apprentice Connect is a high-tech and high-touch system, built to enhance opportunities for individuals seeking apprenticeships and employers searching for apprentices. The high-tech portion allows training providers to view company descriptions, apprenticeships, and apprentice profiles. Missouri Apprentice Connect also provides training providers and sponsors with free reporting features that allow them to easily access the number of apprentices using the site and obtaining apprenticeships.

    Additionally, Missouri Apprentice Connect offers high-touch services that enable you to receive personal assistance, if needed.

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