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Apprenticeships are your way to connect with and equip your future workforce.

Today, organizations across Missouri offer apprenticeship opportunities to help ensure they have access to the skilled workers they need to succeed in tomorrow's economy. Missouri Apprentice Connect makes it easier than ever to find the apprentices you need.

Use Missouri Apprentice Connect to post your apprenticeship opportunity. After posting, you don't have to passively wait for applications. Use the search tool to review profiles and reach out to potential apprentices in your region.

Here are just a few reasons to offer apprenticeships and post your opportunities on Missouri Apprentice Connect:

  • Take advantage of a proven and efficient training model, customizable to any industry
  • Get your opportunities seen by individuals eager to learn and work
  • Improve your strategy for hiring a skilled workforce
  • Broaden and diversify your talent pool
  • Help your future workforce master the skills you need to grow your organization
  • Ensure knowledge held by seasoned experts is passed down before they retire
  • Grow your own talent to keep pace with the latest industry advances
  • Increase employee loyalty and reduce recruiting/turnover costs
  • Upskill current employees
  • Put entry-level employees on a career path
  • Close the skills gap by creating a pipeline of highly-skilled workers with industry credentials
  • You could get funding for this! Contact your local job center

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