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An apprenticeship is your bridge between school and a profitable career—or a great pathway if you are seeking a career change.

Fortunately, organizations all across Missouri offer apprenticeship opportunities. Don't miss this chance to connect with employers, learn valuable skills in a variety of industries and get a head start on your future!

Missouri Apprentice Connect makes it easy for you to find apprenticeship opportunities—and for apprenticeship opportunities to find you. Sign up today to create your profile and search for apprenticeships based on your region, skills and area of interest.

While you search for your apprenticeship match, hiring organizations will be searching as well. If your profile is what they are looking for, they can reach out directly to you about their opportunities.

Here are just a few reasons to register for Missouri Apprentice Connect:

  • Earn while you learn—reduce or eliminate student debt
  • Get hands-on training and career-relevant classroom time, all in one program
  • Study under the mentorship of seasoned industry professionals
  • Obtain industry-recognized credentials (IRCs), a degree, or certificates that go with you wherever you go, and are highly valued by employers
  • Embark on a career path with advancement opportunities
  • 94% of apprentices continue their job with their employer after completing an apprenticeship program
  • Earn an average of $300,000 more over your career compared to peers who don't complete an apprenticeship program
  • You might qualify for funding! Contact your local job center

It's free to create your profile on Missouri Apprentice Connect.

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