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Type of Apprenticeship: Registered

Program Design: Time Based

SOC Code: 49-9021.00 - Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers

Location: Springfield

$12.00 / hr

Credentials Received

  • Certification

Additional Certifications Received

Managers will discuss at interview

Program Description

Previous experience in the trade is not a requirement to apply or be accepted.

Applicants will be required to fill out a job application and submit it to the office. It would be preferred that a resume is turned in along with the application but it not mandatory.

All applications will be screened by at least two managers.

Applicants that pass the application screening will be given a phone call. This is done by a Manager and a time will be set up for a live interview. 

Live interview-We will be asking questions about previous employment, personality questions, and why they are choosing the HVAC field as a career path. They will be asked why we should pick them for the program etc. We are also going to explain the day to day duties of the position and brief description of benefits. 

Reverse interview. All applicants that pass the live interview will be given the opportunity to do a reverse interview of the position. A reverse interview is where the applicant can ride along with an employee and ask an employee about the job as well as being able to witness first hand what they will be doing. The applicant will be asked if they would like to proceed with the hiring process after the ride-along. 

Review of the applicant. Managers will be reviewing applicants and deciding if we are moving forward. 

Final interview. The applicant will be given a final interview if all checks and tests are passed. They will go over benefits and hours and days that are required to work.

Requirements or Restrictions

Criminal background check and driving record will be done. (no Felony). This is paid by Air Services. Drug Screening will be done if the criminal background and driving record comes back okay. This is also paid by Air Services.

Length of Program

Term Length 6000 hours.

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