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Type of Apprenticeship: Registered

Program Design: Competency

SOC Code: 21-1093.00 - Social and Human Service Assistants

Location: St. Louis

$15.00 / hr

Credentials Received

  • Certificate

Additional Certifications Received

Upon completion of all 3 Levels of training, the employee will receive a Certificate from the Department of Labor with the designation of being a Registered Service Specialist.

Employees completing the Apprenticeship Program will also be eligible to recieve college credits.

Program Description

The Apprentice Program offers employees an opportunity to have paid training and learning opportunities which gradually increase in difficulty as the employee works through the 3 diffrent levels of training offered.

Generally, employees interested in signing up for the Apprenticeship Program will work 32 hour/week in direct ratio at an assigned site and spend 8 hours/week on designated learning tasks.

Each Level of learning will have specific learning modules.  The learning modules may be presented through classroom instruction or on-line learning.  Each employee in the program will have a designated mentor helping them stay on track with the diffrent training modules.

Each month there will be a group session to discuss lessons learned with others in the program and the assigned mentors.

Caring Solutions believes by implementing this program we will be able to provide better quality services to our clients and families.  Employees will feel competent and confident in carrying out their job responsibilities and will be able to handle difficult client situations with the necessary expertise.  Employees will have the prospect of a career path in the field and the opportuinity to earn higher wages.  

Requirements or Restrictions

Employees must be able to work a flexible schedule in various locations durning the Apprenticeship period.  Once Apprenticeship is completed the employee will work at a mutually agreed upon location.

Employees who enroll in this program will sign an agreement document provided by Caring Solutions committing to continue to work for Caring Solutions for a minimum of 1 additional calendar year.

Length of Program

9 Months

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