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Type of Apprenticeship: Registered

Program Design: Time Based

SOC Code: 47-2031.00 - Carpenters

Location: Jefferson City

$17.71 / hr

Credentials Received

  • Certificate

Program Description

The Carpenters’ Union recognizes that an ongoing commitment to apprenticeship training is the foundation for a successful future for our trade. As the need for new construction grows, so does the need for more skilled tradespeople. Today, in addition to the true hands-on experience that is derived from on-the-job training, our training facilities provide outstanding learning opportunities in classroom and shop settings away from the pressures of the job site.
Carpenters today operate much more effectively because of developments in technology and construction. Understanding the tools of the trade would be difficult without a learning environment that also takes advantage of the latest teaching methods.
Apprentices must attend 644 hours of related technical instruction and 6,000 hours of on-the-job practical training to graduate.
The apprenticeship program is designed to thoroughly develop the talents and skills of up-and-coming carpenters. The program is a combination of classroom/shop learning and job site employment. Apprentices attend classes for one week every three months, a system designed to accommodate the needs of contractors and apprentices alike. As a result, apprentices are continuously building upon their knowledge and skill base while solidifying these lessons in a practical job site setting.
The program allows carpenter apprentices to earn wages and benefits that enable them to provide for themselves and their families, while learning from the most experienced professionals both in the classroom and on-site.

Requirements or Restrictions

  • Complete an application
  • Obtain a letter of intent from a signatory contractor
  • Complete a drug screen
  • Pay $26 permit fee

Length of Program

What to Expect from our Apprenticeship Program

  • 8 terms, approximately 4 years
  • 6,000 job site hours and 18 units of training
  • On-the-job and classroom learning
  • Earn while you learn! You’ll earn a raise each term, in addition to receiving medical coverage and pension benefits

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