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Type of Apprenticeship: Registered

Program Design: Competency

SOC Code: 51-4041.00 - Machinists

Location: St. Louis

Application Deadline: Aug. 15, 2022

Starts: Aug. 22, 2022

$14.00 / hr
72 credits received

Credentials Received

  • Degree

Additional Certifications Received


As new technologies continue to shape the manufacturing industry, companies are experiencing an immediate demand for machinists who are qualified to construct parts and maintain equipment. Ranken’s Advanced Precision Machining Technology program provides a foundation for engineering and prepares students for employment in machining, Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) programming, inspection/quality control, maintenance and machine tool building. Ranken’s Advanced Precision Machining Technology is connected with industry through internships to meet this need. Students in the program will alternate between training classes and working an internship with an employer or in Ranken’s manufacturing microenterprise. This blend of training with real-world experience offers a superior approach to education.

Program Description

Advanced Precision Machining Technology Program Link

Ranken’s Advance Precision Machining Technology program is
designed to prepare students for employment with companies that
have implemented a team-oriented design,  production,  quality,
and maintenance environment.  Advanced Precision Machining
Technology is a five-semester apprenticeship program that consists
of instruction in a classroom setting as well as training in a live
production facility.  Students will have the option to specialize in
Mazatrol programming or advanced machining,  or both.

This invaluable experience develops student proficiencies in:

•  Machining Principles
•  Quality practices and maintenance
•  Computer Numerical Control (CNC)  Programming
•  Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
•  Multi-axis Programming

Requirements or Restrictions

Successful completion of Ranken’s Advanced Precision Machining Technology day program.

5600 hours on-the-job training as a Machinist

Length of Program

Advanced Precision Machining Technology:  5 Semesters;  72 credit hours plus

5600 hours on-the-job training as a machinist.

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